Mapping the Relationship Dynamics of Your Students

Sociograms can be a useful tool to understand the existing social dynamics and social structure of classrooms.

A sociogram is a graphic representation of the social links that a person has within a group. Traditionally, sociograms are created by asking each of your students to list two or three classmates that they would like to sit by or work with on an activity. This data is then graphed with arrows indicating who is choosing whom.

If you’re thinking this sounds time consuming well you’re right! But given the high value of social connections to student success and emotional wellbeing, we felt there had to be a way to make it quick and easy to create sociograms for educators and counselors.

Bloomsights sociograms

With Bloomsights, educators and school counselors no longer have to take the time to collect data and graph results. Rather, students sign in to Bloomsights and share who they feel connected to in their class and across their grade with a few simple clicks!

Next, they share how strongly connected they feel to their classmate.

Bloomsights uses this information to construct an interactive sociogram of your class and your students. Students with many strong connections will sit towards the center of the sociogram. Students with fewer strong connections will sit farther out. This helps you to quickly identify students with poor social connections so you can intervene before the problem escalates.

Watch the video below to learn more about how Bloomsights sociograms work:

Video: Bloomsights Sociogram

Get to the root of student issues

Bloomsights is an assessment tool aimed at gauging student well-being and improving school climate as a way to comprehensively encourage student social emotional development. Simplify your SEL data to get clarity around your student’s needs and determine what interventions are necessary. Get meaningful and ongoing insights to plan and implement strategies that support improved student and school outcomes.

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