Bloomsights Distance Learning Survey

Bloomsights is the formative assessment tool for school climate and student well-being. It was developed to support school-wide efforts to build high-quality learning environments and create the conditions for effective teaching to occur.

Designed to accurately assess and monitor more innovative definitions and measures of both school success and student achievement than today’s standardized tests, Bloomsights delivers the kind of in-depth insights that help teachers to better know their students and to better understand their blind spots as practitioners.

Our new Distance Learning indicator helps school leaders, educators, and school health professionals gather valuable student feedback on distance learning.  Bloomsights questions cover students’ engagement, needs, access to technology, and learning environment.

You can access the survey here. To download, make a copy of the Google Doc, save it, and then download or print.

Get To The Root Of Student Issues

At Bloomsights, we are experts at creating adaptive, responsive, and flexible student well-being and school climate surveys. Reach out to Bloomsights for an in-depth discussion on how to implement a quality school wide assessment plan. Visit or call 970.568.8981.

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