Sociograms Make Viewing Your Students’ Social Connections Simple

Sociograms can be a useful tool to understand the existing social dynamics and social structure of classrooms.

A sociogram is a graphic representation of social links that a person has. It is a graph drawing that plots the structure of interpersonal relations in a group situation. Most importantly, sociograms can help you to recognize and reduce social isolation, build positive peer-to-peer connections, and deliver tailored interventions to the most relevant students.

Traditionally, sociograms are created by asking each of your students to list two or three classmates they would like to sit by or work with on an activity. This data is then graphed with arrows indicating who is choosing whom.

If you think this sounds time-consuming, you’re right! So we thought of a better way. With Bloomsights, students identify who they feel connected to at the class and grade level.

Next, they share how connected they feel.

Bloomsights uses this information to construct an interactive sociogram of your classes and students.. Students with many strong connections will sit towards the center of the sociogram. Students with fewer strong connections will sit farther out.

You can also see an individual student’s connections

With Bloomsights you also get valuable insights into other dimensions of your students’ social well-being that may normally go unnoticed, but that could serve as a stimulus for early intervention—critical for issues related to feelings of safety, loneliness, and bullying.

Insights With Bloomsights

At Bloomsights, we are experts at creating adaptive, responsive, and flexible school climate surveys. Reach out to Bloomsights for an in-depth discussion on how to implement a quality social and emotional assessment plan. Visit email at or call 970.568.8981.

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